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Salary survey for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Professionals

The purpose of this report is to gain a better sense of the people and teams who built and maintained business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) solutions during the 2007 calendar year. This report uses the term “BI” to refer to both business intelligence and data warehousing initiatives, and the term “BI professionals” to the individuals who deliver these initiatives. Specifically, the report looks at individual compensation, roles, responsibilities, skills, and experience among BI professionals. It also provides profiles of the 10 most common BI roles, examining age, gender, education, job satisfaction, salary and bonus, certification, background, and other characteristics.


This report is based on a Web survey of 1,087 qualified data warehousing and business intelligence professionals in the U.S. and Canada conducted in the fall of 2007. To ensure the greatest accuracy of our compensation data, results from worldwide BI professionals are not factored in. Qualified respondents are full-time IT professionals, consultants, systems integrators, or business sponsors or users. Responses from vendor representatives in sales, marketing, and development; professors and students; and part-time employees were not counted. Multi-choice answers and rounding account for totals that do not equal 100 percent.


Consulting and professional services claimed the top spot among industries represented in the 2008 TDWI salary survey, with 15.2 percent of the total, up from 12 percent a year earlier. For the first time in several years, consulting and professional services edged out financial services (13.1 percent) as the industry with the greatest degree of BI/DW penetration. The claim to the top spot suggests that organizations are increasing their usage of external consultancies to design, test, implement, and maintain BI/DW systems. Demand for BI/DW consulting is high, thereby providing a living for an increasing number of BI/DW consultants.

In descending order from greatest representation to least, industries on the lower end of the scale were media/entertainment/publishing, hospitality/travel, food/beverage, aerospace, transportation/ logistics, advertising/marketing/PR, chemical/petroleum, nonprofit/trade association, real estate, agriculture, construction/architecture/engineering, and law. Those industries are included in the 13.8 percent total of “Other.”

Source: TDWI (30 pages report)


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