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TDWI Chicago World Conference
The Modeling Agency
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Training Schedule Update: Learn What Really Works in Predictive Modeling. Next Course Series: Dec in Las Vegas and Feb in Orlando.
Feature Article: "Web Mining: Creating, Enhancing, Mining and Acting on Web Data," by Jesus Mena, CEO, WebMiners and Published by BeyeNETWORK.
Feature Blog Entry: "Theory vs. Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Current Extremes," by Will Dwinnell, Director, Barclays Bank Delaware, published by Abbott Analytics Data Mining & Predictive Analytics Blog
TDWI World Conference: The Premier Event for Business Intelligence, November 7 - 12, 2010 in Orlando, FL
Demystify Predictive Analytics and Learn How Experts Mine Data
December 6 - 10, Las Vegas
February 14 – 18, Orlando
Learn how to leverage highly valuable and impactful prospective insight from within your existing data through The Modeling Agency’s intensive training that holds more than 20 years of innovation.
If you want to learn what really works in predictive modeling, dive straight into The Modeling Agency's Predictive Analytics & Data Mining course series. The series is designed to get you up to speed faster and more effectively than any other program available.
Registration Incentives
Early Registration Discount
Register at least 4 weeks before the start date of your selected venue and choose between 10% off your registration fee or a$100 AMEX gift card at the course site for your personal use.
Up to 40% Off for Third and Subsequent Registrants
Bring your friends and colleagues and the third and subsequent registrants on the same order will receive a 40% reduction on the individual course fee or 25% off the series pricing. This incentive does not expire, but may not be combined with any other discount.
Participants enjoy a balanced, broad and non-promotional presentation of predictive modeling without restriction to a particular tool, method or product. Check the remaining capacity updated daily on the course schedule page.
A Tactical Drill-Down of the Data Mining
Process, Methods, Tools and Techniques
Course Syllabus: Get Details
Secure Registration: On-Line Form
December 6 & 7, 2010: Las Vegas, NV
February 14 & 15, 2011, Orlando FL
Series Overview
Duration and Fee:
3 Days, 1.8 CEUs
$1995 USD
Package Price:
$2995 Levels I & II
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Project Design and Practical Use Workshop
to Discover What Really Works
Course Syllabus: Get Details
Secure Registration: On-Line Form
December 8 - 10, 2010: Las Vegas, NV
February 16 & 18, 2011, Orlando FL
Series Overview
Duration and Fee:
3 Days, 1.8 CEUs
$1995 USD
Package Price:
$2995 Levels I & II
Get Details
Courses May Be Delivered At Your Site
Call 888.742.2454 or send an email inquiry to receive a value-based
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Veteran-Owned Small Business.
Web Mining: Creating, Enhancing, Mining and Acting on Web Data
Published by The BeyeNETWORK
Authored by Jesus Mena
CEO, WebMiner
In their frenzy to be the next, companies of all size and type are scrambling to optimize their e-commerce sites. They often concentrate on the mechanics of transactional processing, setting up their inventory and landing pages – but usually fail to plan for the vast amount of customer data their site will generate. Most companies fail to see that in e-commerce, success will depend on how this web data is leveraged to convert visitors into customers. The web data that is generated with a single sale is of more value than the sale itself since it can lead to a long and profitable relationship with that customer.
Every visit to a retailing site generates important consumer behavioral data, regardless of whether a sale is made. Every visitor action is a digital gesture exhibiting habits, preferences and tendencies. These interactions reveal important trends and patterns that can help a company design a website that effectively communicates and markets its products and services. Companies can aggregate, enhance and mine web data in order to learn what sells, what works and what doesn't, who is buying and who is not.
>> Read More
About The Author
Jesus Mena holds over 20 years experience in expert systems, rule induction, decision trees, neural networks, self-organizing maps, regression, visualization, machine learning, etc., and has worked on data mining projects involving clustering, segmentation, classification, profiling and personalization with government, web, retail, insurance, credit card, financial and healthcare data sets. He has authored five data mining and advanced analytics books (search by author on as well as dozens of articles for Competitive Intelligence Review, New Architect, Intelligent Enterprise, PC AI, DM Review, Marketing Tools, Software Development Magazine, Washington Technology, WEB Techniques, etc., have consulted with NCR, SPSS, SAS, GAO, Raytheon, DHS, Boeing, Booz, Allen and Hamilton, DOJ, Northrop Grumman, Sandia National Laboratories, and the Terrorist Threat Integration Center. Jesus is the curator of the topic "Web Mining" for Scholarpedia, an online encyclopedia. He has also conducted data mining boot camps for dozens of companies and government agencies.
Theory vs. Practice
Bridging the Gap Between Current Extremes
Published by Abbott Analytics Data Mining & Predictive Analytics Blog
Authored by Will Dwinnell
Director, Collections Predictive Modeling, Barclays Bank, Delaware
In many fields, it is common to find a gap between theorists and practitioners. As stereotypes, theorists have a reputation for sniffing at anything which has not been optimized and proven to the nth degree, while practitioners show little interest in theory, as it "only ever works on paper."
I have been amazed at both extremes of this spectrum. Academic and standards journals seem to publish mostly articles which solve theoretical problems which will never arise in practice (but which permit solutions which are elegant or which can be optimized to some ridiculous level), or solutions which are trivial variations on previous work. The same goes for most master’s and doctoral theses.
On the other hand, I was shocked when software development colleagues (consultants: the last word in practice over theory) were unfamiliar with two's complement arithmetic. Data mining is certainly not immune to this problem.
>> Read More
TDWI World Conference
November 7 - 12, 2010
Orlando, FL
The Premier Event for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Join TDWI in Orlando November 7 - 12, and learn practical business intelligence and data warehousing knowledge that you can apply immediately. The TDWI World Conference in Orlando brings together leading industry visionaries to deliver a unique program of cutting-edge education, best practices, one-on-one consulting, and more.
At the conference you will interact with experienced instructors, network with hundreds of peers, and get product information with a minimum of hype and hassle. You will also have the opportunity to see The Modeling Agency's Tony Rathburn present a full day track on Predictive Analytics.
Learn more about the TDWI World Conference in Orlando and sign up for courses today.
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The Modeling Agency
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