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22 Predictive Analytics Applications That Were Proven Very Effective in 2010 (by Claude Penland)

•1. Predictive Analytics Applied to the Hospital Billing Process  

•2. Competitive Market Analysis of Auto Insurance Companies

•3. Educational Data Mining is becoming popular

•4. Predictive Analytics Applied to Data Centers

•5. New Model Predicts Presence of Meth Labs Very Accurately

•6. Analyze 50% of Annual Tweets for $360K/year

•7. Monitoring Physician Performance for Predictive Profiling

•8. Are You Arguing With a Real Person or a Bot? 

•9. 5 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Monetize Social Networks

•10. can uncover Astroturfing and Political Tactics

•11. Medicare Predictive Modeling Provision included in Small Business Lending Act

•12. Employee contributions to revenue 

•13. Predicting Employee Success

•14. Commercial Insurers Who Use Predictive Modeling are seeing Pricing Strength

•15. Plan a Healthcare System using Link Analysis (Data Mining)

•16. The Ability to Analyze Social Connections is Proving Increasingly Useful 

•17. Predictive Analytics for Phone Calls, and Call Data Mining

•18. Forecast Career Paths by Resume Analytics

•19. Criminal Reduction Utilizing Statistical History, UK & USA Predictive Analytics

•20. Tool for Insurance Project Management 

•21. Thorotrends offers research/analytics for horse racing

•22. Recorded Future scans Twitter accounts, blogs, and websites to find relationships, organizations, actions and incident data related to topics like terrorism.

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