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Three new popular articles have been added this week:

  • 22 tips for better data science - These tips are provided by Dr Granville, who brings 20 years of varied data-intensive experience working with successful start-ups, small companies across various industries, and eBay, Visa, Microsoft, GE and Wells Fargo.
  • The growth of data science over the last two years: 300% - A few websites catering to analytics and data science professionals have experienced tremendous growth recently. Organizations such as INFORMS or AMSTAT have seen their traffic explode, targeting high school students to join the ranks of data scientists. Niche publishers providing high quality, actionable content - and run by true data scientists rather than journalists - have also seen spectacular growth.
  • Start with Good Science on Good Data, Then we'll Talk 'Big Data' - Although there is indeed much potential in applying machine learning and statistical analysis to large datasets, many companies are hardly sitting on the kind of data that will allow them to compete using hundreds of machines chugging through terabytes of data.


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