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  1. Data Science: Neither Elementary Nor Magic
  2. Scientists get 6 years in prison for making wrong predictions | CBS...
  3. 10 startups leading the way in 'big data' | VentureBeat
  4. BI / Analytics salary survey, 2012 | InformationWeek
  5. 50 great articles from top news outlets (last week selection of bes...
  6. Campaigns Mine Personal Lives to Get Out Vote
  7. This search engine sequences the DNA of politics to determine wheth...
  8. Are Retailers Ready for Big Data?
  9. The problem with high frequency trading
  10. Big Data Tackles Classic Question: What's The Weather Forecast?
  11. Platfora Seeks To Brings Simplicity And An Apple Style Ease Of Use ...
  12. SAS Hadoop - A peek at the technology
  13. Key Performance Indicators: effect of wrong data or wrong questions
  14. Why VCs Will Continue To Invest In Big Data Startups For Many Years...
  15. Stay Close to Clients With 'Big Data' | Wall Street Journal
  16. Big Data: Leveraging IT for Competitive Advantage | Harvard Busines...
  17. Big Data And Storage: Why You Can't Save Everything Forever | Forbes
  18. Big Data: Much Hadoop about Nothing?
  19. The Power of non-Predictive Analytics!
  20. Where will you find your analytic talent? | Accenture
  21. Big Data Demands: The Heightened Need For Advanced Data Visualization
  22. Digital Metrics for Federal Agencies
  23. Data Scientist Role Is Clear, Even If Job Description Isn't
  24. There are many ways to price by gender
  25. Healthrageous nabs $6.5M for personalized data-driven health support
  26. Using analytics to predict Hollywood blockbusters
  27. How Amazon and Netflix predict your preferences and prod you to pur...
  28. Using Search Analytics To See Into Gartner's $232B Big Data Forecast
  29. The Industrial Internet: Even Bigger Than Big Data
  30. Apache Hadoop spurs hopes but creates hardships for analytics users
  31. Grad schools add big-data degrees
  32. Big data to create 1.9M IT jobs in U.S. by 2015, says Gartner
  33. Parsing of Data Led to Mixed Messages on Organic Food’s Value | New...
  34. Delivering the Architectural Foundation for Big Data
  35. The Man-Machine Framework: How to Build Machine-Learning Applicatio...
  36. Free Online Education Is Now Illegal in Minnesota

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