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5 Must-Do To Increase Blog Readership

Attracting a steady stream of visitors to read blogs is a common challenge for bloggers. Holding the attention of readers and keep them from coming back is what everyone wants when they are writing a content. Also, a good number of readers determine the quality and credibility of your site.

Here are five simple things that you can follow to gain a wide readership:

1. Use Bullet Points

Quality web content is really important if you want to gain a lot of readers. And using bullet points to attract your reader's interest is one of the technique in doing so. Why? Because having too much information on the internet, audience will not really read your article unless it is worth their time. They are usually just scanning your content at first, so better make it easier for them to realize that your copy is worth reading. Bulleted information and ideas are easier to digest compared to blocks of paragraphs. To make it more scanable, you can try using a header to emphasize each idea.

2. Use Power Words

The use of powerful words is one of the science in coprywriting. You, free, new, because, and instantly are persuasive words that you can use in content marketing. And these persuasive words are ideal for you to catch your reader's attention. With the help of these words, you can make your audience listen to you and can influence them in their decisions.

3. Write High Quality Posts

Always remember to create posts that are useful to your readers. Making copies that are informative and something that is worth their time. Yes, you may know a lot of things about how to work with Google to index your blog and make your website on top of the search engine. But you are not just writing for Google, you are writing for humans too, and those people read what you write. Be partly responsible for providing them with articles that they can share with their family and friends.

4. Follow the trends

Knowing what's hot and what's not is one of the ways of being up-to-date. Know your niche well and follow the latest trends. Keeping an eye on what everyone is talking about is one good way to entice the interest of your readers. It does not mean that you need to follow every trend, just pick up what is related to your niche and come up with an article that people will actually read.

5. Share to Social Media Sites

It is important that you have social media accounts for your blog. But be careful in choosing just the ones that can help you spread your article around the web. Post and share your content to your friends! And let them promote your piece by sharing it on their accounts. Of course, persuade them by using power words as a caption for your link.

Making a compelling blog post is essential to achieve potential and regular readers. These tips may be basic, but these can surely increase your blog readership.

About the Author:

Kate is a Management student who loves to explore and discover new things. She is currently a freelance contributor to to support her education. It is her dream to have her own business.

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