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Myth #1: You can only do research in an academic setting. Not true. There are plenty of research labs owned by big and small companies and organizations, including government, as well as abroad. In my case, I own and manage my self-funded research lab, publishing in my own niche media outlets (see here.) At some point I run a VC-funded company, and VC’s like to hire PhD scientists as co-founders.

Myth #2: The best outcome is to become a university professor. Not true, very difficult these days, and in my case (independent researcher) I have more flexibility to choose which projects I will work on (not influenced by grant hunting or politics) and produce high quality output — sometimes even ground-breaking — accessible to a large audience, as opposed to esoteric papers read by very few people. I will go as far as to say that my job security and revenue, as an entrepreneur, is better than that of a successful tenured professor.

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