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5 Reasons to Invest in Customer Experience Software

The first fundamental rule of growth hacking or growing your business is to utilize your existing traffic to the max – whether it’s a new business or a well-established one. For both, a newly designed website and a fully functioning online shop, lowering bounce rates, addressing CRO (conversion rate optimization), and improving CX (customer experience) are mandatory. Customer experience software effortlessly extracts invaluable information directly from your site to facilitate improvement in all of these areas, ultimately helping to increase improving CXgrowth. Unsure of the costs-versus-benefit ratio of CX software? Here are five reasons why it’s worth it:

1. It provides behavioral insight analysis Understanding your customers is the bedrock of proper marketing. Knowing your customers’ motivations, you can direct their journey through personalized messaging and customized marketing. CX software utilizes heat maps and session replays to give you insights into your users’ behaviors and unique buying motivations that will in turn allow you to implement the changes necessary to improve conversions. For example, a travel website that has a visitor who is researching vacation options at a golf resort can tailor their landing pages accordingly to promote special offers or discounts that are catered to a golfer’s needs and desires. When customers are shown highly relevant and targeted content, conversions are exponentially more likely to occur.

2. It allows you to customize your campaigns Using customer experience software, you will have valuable insight as to where your users are in the conversion funnel, enabling you to customize the content they see and guide them forward in the conversion process. Customers hesitating at the research stage would best be motivated by information about the benefits of your services or other customers reviews. Someone who’s already arrived at the final stages of the conversion funnel, however, might be propelled forward by a seamless checkout experience or, alternatively, abandon the process completely due to unseen hurdles that may otherwise seem insignificant or even justified (from a business standpoint). You can hone in on your specific and unique set of best practices based on your knowledge of a potential customer’s present location and behavior in the buying cycle – information that CX software delivers quickly and efficiently.

3. It helps you make sense of the data 42% of marketers claim that interpreting the data they’ve gathered is the greatest impediment to proper conversion optimization. A mass of numbers and percentages won’t do any good if you can’t decipher their meaning and extract actionable insights from them. CX software applies data visualization schemes to help you analyze large amounts of data. This allows you to easily spot patterns, determine what action needs to be taken, discover areas where spending can be reduced, predict sales volume, and more. For example, let’s say 35% of your customers abandon their shopping cart for no apparent reason. By studying the data and comparing the segment that abandoned the cart and the one that proceeded to purchase, (gleaned by CX software), you can discover the reason they abandoned the cart. For instance, the analysis might show that the 35% that abandoned, got stuck filling out one of the forms, or checked out the shipping terms and discovered something they didn’t understand. In these cases adjusting part of the checkout form or simplifying the terms of shipment would increase the number of purchasers significantly.

4. It lets you simplify testing methods Not testing enough is one of the most common mistakes made by marketers today. Elements must be analyzed, changes must be tested, and pages must be fine-tuned. With the right CX tools, you can easily conduct A/B testing, analyze the efficacy of each and every element on your website, and systematically discover which elements within your conversion funnel are working and which are not.

5. It tells you if your CTAs work. An A/B test recently revealed that by changing just one word in the call-to-action, a company charted a 90% increase in CTR to the payment page. CX software helps you identify areas of improvement with your CTAs, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant, as these can have huge results on your conversions. Knowing where user’s attention is going on your website and what buttons they click (or not) is crucial for your business’s success and growth.

Bottom Line

There are overwhelming benefits that a company stands to gain from utilizing CX software. Potentially, customer behavior analytics software can give you the data you need to improve your website’s user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and boost conversions. Start understanding  your audience better with this integral technology, make sense of the data you are collecting and use these tools to give your customers a smooth and successful purchasing experience.

By Merav Keren 

Originally posted on the Clicktale Blog on November 10, 2015

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