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  1. Machine-To-Machine Analytics: Next Big Data Challenge?
  2. Can You Live Without a Data Scientist?
  3. NSA's Big Data Platform Faces Enterprise Test
  4. Big Data Talent War: 10 Analytics Job Trends
  5. On Our Radar: Hot Times for Data Scientists
  6. Text mining: what do publishers have against this hi-tech research ...
  7. Revising an Outdated Business Model? Try Predictive Analytics
  8. Time has come for chief analytics officers
  9. Handle with Care - R Packages - Are they business ready?
  10. Top 5 Myths About Big Data
  11. Age-Period-Cohort models and the decline of violence
  12. Big Data Tackles Patients Who Don't Take Meds
  13. Spot Actionable Insights in Big Data
  14. What's Your Flu Risk? Big Data Knows
  15. Recruiting in the Age of Big Data: A Guide for Recruiters
  16. Corporate Challenge of Big Data
  17. One Algorithm Made Up 4% of Quote Traffic Last Week
  18. Getting Pregnant with Big Data: It was not an accident
  19. Who’s Trustworthy? A Robot Can Help Teach Us
  20. Analytics is Rocket Science!
  21. Data Visualisation Competition launched by Daden
  22. Unlocking Big Government Data: Whose Job Is It?
  23. To succeeed with big data, start small
  24. Making Advanced Analytics Work for You
  25. Hollow Guidance from Forrester for $2,500 or Useful Guidance for Fr...
  26. Tackling the big data challenge - the Hill's congress blog
  27. Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum
  28. Don’t Look Now, There’s a GPS Tracker in Your Kit-Kat Bar
  29. Why data will never replace thinking?
  30. Why Thinking is the Enemy of Innovation
  31. The value of your vote is $150,709
  32. Analyzing Big Data with Twitter
  33. Predictive Modeling Blog
  34. MySQL users caution against NoSQL fad
  35. WSJ vide: the big picture of big data
  36. Facebook Seeks Next-Generation Big Data Tools
  37. How'Big-Data-as-a-Service' Can Help Smaller Companies Compete
  38. United Nations Explores Using Real-Time Analytics to Predict Social...
  39. Meet the New Boss: Big Data
  40. Will big data kill all but the biggest retailers?
  42. PayPal chief scientist on cracking the code for big data analytics
  43. Data Visualization Challenge
  44. Big data's management revolution
  45. What executives don't understand about big data
  46. Three Questions to Ask Your Advanced-Analytics Team
  47. Is Data Scientist the Sexiest Job of the Century?

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