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50 Important Things You Need to Know About Data Science

Below are a few extract from a long list of quotes by leading data scientists. Click here to read the whole list. Also, do not miss our new popular articles: How to lie with data, and A-to-Z Analytics

50 Quotes from leading data scientists

#3. “I think of data science as more like a practice than a job. Think of the scientific method, where you have to have a problem statement, generate a hypothesis, collect data, analyze data and then communicate the results and take action…. If you just use the scientific method as a way to approach data-intensive projects, I think you’re more apt to be successful with your outcome.”

Bob Hayes, Ph.D, Chief Research Officer at Appuri

#4. “As a data scientist, I can predict what is likely to happen, but I cannot explain why it is going to happen. I can predict when someone is likely to attrite, or respond to a promotion, or to commit fraud, or pick the pink button over the blue button, but I cannot tell you why that’s going to happen. And I believe that the inability to explain why something is going to happen is why I struggle to call ‘data science’ a science.”
Bill Schmarzo, Chief Technology Officer at Dell EMC

#8. “The job of the data scientist is to ask the right questions. If I ask a question like ‘how many clicks did this link get?’ which is something we look at all the time, that’s not a data science question. It’s an analytics question. If I ask a question like, ‘based on the previous history of links on this publisher’s site, can I predict how many people from France will read this in the next three hours?’ that’s more of a data science question.”
Hilary Mason, Founder, Fast Forward Labs

#14. “The No. 1 thing is you’ve got to have passion. This rich passion for going ruthlessly after the problem and being deeply intellectually honest with yourself about whether this is a reasonable answer….“The second part is having the ability to be extremely clever with the data. And what I mean by that is: You’re working with ambiguity. And very often you can’t approach the problem with the rigor you would a homework assignment. The only way to survive through that is by being clever—to think of a different question that gets at the answer.”
DJ Patil, Former US Chief Data Scientist

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