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50 RapidMiner processes uploaded to! Let's build a data-mining-process-wiki ...

myExperiment, Extension, Community 8 Sep 2010
50 Processes on myExperiment by Ingo Mierswa

Good news for the users of the RapidMiner Community Extension. Up to now, 50 RapidMiner processes were uploaded to themyExperiment portal and can directly be browsed and downloaded into RapidMiner.

MyExperiment is a community website where people share workflows of various kinds. It is an active community, and the portal comes with all the nice social network features:

 myExperiment Portal

In one of our previous blog posts , we have described the Community Extension for RapidMiner in detail. The Community Extension directly connects to myExperiment which means that you can easily upload the process you are currently working on with a single click. The extension also allows to browse RapidMiner processes on myExperiment and download them to your local machine directly from within RapidMiner.

I really like the idea of a data-mining-process-wiki which can serve as a common knowledge source for data analysts worldwide. And I am happy that so many people already wanted to share this knowledge with others, for example this nice process which can be used to replace missing values with other attributes' values:

RapidMiner Process on myExperiment

More information about how to use the Community Extension can be found at

So you should download the extension from our update- and installation server in the Help menu of RapidMiner, activate the myExperiment view in the View menu and start to up- and download processes. Happy sharing!

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