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Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about the survey.  We also extend our thanks to everyone who participated in previous Data Miner Surveys, and especially to the people who provided suggestions for new questions and other survey modifications.  This year’s survey incorporates many ideas from past survey participants.
If you would like a summary of this year's survey findings emailed to you, there will be a place at the end of the survey to leave your email address.  You can also email us directly ([email protected]) if you have any questions about this research or to request research summaries.  Here are links to the highlights of the previous years’ surveys.  Contact us if you want summary reports from any of these years.
       -- 2010 survey highlights:
       -- 2009 survey highlights:
       -- 2008 survey highlights:
       -- 2007 survey highlights:


Thank you for your time.  We hope this research program continues to provide useful information to the data mining community.  


-- Karl

Karl Rexer, PhD
President, Rexer Analytics 

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Comment by Karl Rexer on April 25, 2011 at 10:09am

Tom --

No, we did not separately analyze the Canadian responses to last year's survey.  Overall there were 735 participants in 2010, and 25 identified themselves as being from Canada.

-- Karl

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