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6 Predictions about Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI for 2018

Summary:  Here are our 6 predictions for data science, machine learning, and AI for 2018.  Some are fast track and potentially disruptive, some take the hype off over blown claims and set realistic expectations for the coming year.

It’s that time of year again when we do a look back in order to offer a look forward.  What trends will speed up, what things will actually happen, and what things won’t in the coming year for data science, machine learning, and AI.

We’ve been watching and reporting on these trends all year and we scoured the web and some of our professional contacts to find out what others are thinking.  There are only a handful of trends and technologies that look to disrupt or speed ahead.  These are probably the most interesting in any forecast.  But it also valuable to discuss trends we think are a tad overblown and won’t accelerate as fast as some others believe.  So with a little of both, here’s what we concluded.

Prediction 2:  Data Science continues to develop specialties that mean the mythical ‘full stack’ data scientist will disappear.

Prediction 3:  Non-Data Scientists will perform a greater volume of fairly sophisticated analytics than data scientists.

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