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60 topics about data science, big data and business analytics

I invite you to read this data science digest, compiling resources from multiple websites, at

More than 10 featured announcements, 25 job ads, and the following 25 articles and discussions:

From DataScienceCentral:

  • 3 Big Data Startups: Locu, Essess, Coursera
  • When to hire a data scientist: before or after a big crisis?
  • New Research on Big Data
  • Three analytic startup ideas
  • The key factor to optimize analytic recruiting, based on job board ...
  • In the Name of Hadoop! What do you think about Flume, Oozie, Mahout...
  • Why are spam detection algorithms so terrible?
From Analyticbridge:
  • Featured Data Scientist: Vincent Granville, Analytic Entrepreneur
  • Faces of Deloitte Analytics: Meet Jenny
  • New Article: Correlation & Scatter Plots
  • Big Data's Big Problem: Little Talent | Wall Street Journal
  • IDC Report: Analytics for Driving Business Process Improvement
  • The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Fore...
  • GE's Billion-Dollar Bet on Big Data | BusinessWeek
  • Data Scientists: The New Rock Stars of the Tech World | Techopedia
  • Should you outsource data science, hire experts or use software
  • In terms of career prospects, is it better to be an analytic 'niche...
  • Interpretation for Tree Classification on R' Packages
  • [Competition] Modeling: Maximizing Loan Potential
  • 30 unusual applications of data sciences, analytics and big data
  • Statistical BS from autism geneticist in New York Times
  • 13 great articles about analytics / data science from major news ou...
  • MLSP 2012 Competition: Amazon Data Science Competition
Books, Training:
  • Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field
  • NYU Stern Announces New Masters in Business Analytics
  • Learning from Data (Caltech course)
  • Berkeley course on Data Science
  • A few new books from the CRC Press
  • New journal: Decision Analytics (available in open access)

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