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62 new external resources and articles about data science, analytics and ML

Brand new edition published at 2 pm PST today. The resources section contains the following:

  • How To Implement These 5 Powerful Probability Distributions In Python 
  • Median Selection Subset Aggregation for Parallel Inference 
  • The caret Package - Short for Classification And REgression Training
  • Bayesian Machine Learning on Apache Spark 
  • How to Visualize Website Clickstream Data 
  • Practical Data Science in Python 
  • Starting data analysis/wrangling with R - Things I wish I'd been told
  • Sibyl: A System for Large Scale Machine Learning at Google - Video
  • Top 77 R posts for 2014 
  • Implementing K-means Clustering to Classify Bank Customer 
  • Data Animations With Python and MoviePy 
  • A Young Person’s Guide to C# Bond 
  • Video: Advanced Machine Learning with scikit-learn 
  • pbdR: programming with big data in R 
  • 14 Best Python Pandas Features 
  • Deep Learning in a Nutshell *
  • Big Data for Predictive Machine Learning and Data Mining - Research paper, Cornell
  • R Markdown - About reproducibility of research experiments

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