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The good news, for marketers, is that data mining really can make a difference to most bottom lines. The bad news is that, despite what data mining can do, it is so often used so poorly that it is virtually useless.

In many cases, the data is a big part of the problem. Even in the most reputable companies, data is often “dirty,”—out of date or otherwise irrelevant. Most commercially available data mining packages lack the flexibility and functionality that real world marketers need. The problem with “data quality” is ownership. No one seems to own this critical asset! Without doubt , the line functions have to own “data quality”. Data quality can only be impacted substantially “at source”-either a salesperson fills up inaccurate information for a customer while he wildly chases his target or an operational group incorrectly data enters a customer record!One of the most frequent and most difficult causes of data quality is culture. If people do not think that data quality is important, it isn’t.

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