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A model of mortgage credit: Central Bank of Ireland

Diarmaid Addison-Smyth, Kieran McQuinn and Gerard O’Reilly


The emergence and proliferation of the international financial crisis since mid-2007 has,
amongst other issues, refocussed attention on the interrelationship between mortgage credit
availability and house prices. A growing body of opinion is now of the view that the increase
in credit availability internationally was a primary contributor to the rate of house price increases
witnessed in many OECD countries over the past 10 years. House price growth in the
UK over this period was to the fore of that experienced across countries, while the Anglo-
Saxon system of banking was characterised by a significant degree of financial innovation
yielding greater credit provision. In this paper we propose a simple intuitive model, which
seeks to quantify the impact of credit market disequilibrium on UK house prices over the
period 1992 - 2008.

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Comment by Basavaraj.B on August 30, 2009 at 3:10am
Thanks a Lot.
Its Good model and information for those who working in Mortagage Analytics / Business.


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