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Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Course

July 7, 2010 PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- The Modeling Agency (TMA), a data mining training, consulting and solutions company, today announced a substantial restructuring of its popular predictive analytics and data mining course series.

The series has been significantly redesigned to be even more pragmatic, lasting and impactful. Now more than ever, there is no other vendor-neutral event or mode of delivery that can establish a sustained baseline of proficiency in Predictive Analytics within a week's time.

The major improvements include:

  • The series is now concentrated into two primary orientations: Model Development to drill into model-building tactics and methods; and Strategic Implementation for project design and discovering what really works.
  • The hands-on application workshop has been expanded into the final two days of the "Strategic Implementation" course, allowing participants to better experience and handle the 'natural messiness' of predictive modeling.
  • While the two courses within the series may be attended independently, The Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) provides the overarching roadmap between the events.
  • The "Model Development" course focuses on the tactical CRISP-DM sections 3, 4 and 5; while the "Strategic Implementation" course covers the project design and deployment sections 1, 2 and 6.
  • Certification in Predictive Analytics and Data Mining is now available after completing the series and passing an exam.
  • Two modeling process cycles through a use-case with real-world data is leveraged in the use-case application workshop.
  • TMA has expanded its faculty, providing more diverse personal experience and anecdotes that each highly seasoned data mining consultant brings to the training.
  • New topics and expanded sections have been introduced for text mining, uplift and incremental modeling, ensemble models and other areas of practice that are proving substantial value in industry applications.
  • And more…

The two courses span 5 days with the final two days in a hands-on lab setting. The training provides an intensive, vendor-neutral and non-promotional orientation to data mining best practices, and an approach to predictive analytics which is critical to modeling success. TMA’s series presents the topic from two very distinct orientations yet complementary objectives. Each course within the series may be attended independently, or in succession for a comprehensive view of data mining.

Complete details for the new structure, including pricing, schedule, venue information, instructor experience and syllabi is posted in TMA’s training directory:

Whether a course participant is a manager or a stakeholder evaluating the risks and rewards of predictive analytics, or a practitioner looking to extend their analytical toolbox, each will get exposure to some of the most critical strategic and tactical considerations –- those that when overlooked virtually guarantee that a data mining project will stall partway through what is essentially a discovery process –- or that the results will fall considerably short of their potential.

The rapid emergence of electronic data processing and collection methods has created an overwhelming glut of data. Most businesses posses a large data warehouses or have access to one. These databases contain so much data that it becomes very difficult to understand just what that data is telling us.

There is hardly a transaction that does not generate a computer record somewhere. All this data has meaning with respect to making better business decisions or understanding customer needs and preferences. But how do you discover meaningful and actionable prospective insights in a database that contains gigabits of seemingly incomprehensible numbers and facts? Data mining and predictive analytics does just that.

The intent of TMA’s course series is to offer attendees a stronger grasp of the data mining process, how to overcome limitations that cause predictive models to underperform and how to establish their own internal predictive analytic practice.

Those who wish to sample the training at no cost before attending the public event may sign up for a live webinar production facilitated every few weeks by TMA faculty. Future productions and registration details for “Data Mining: Failure to Launch – How to Get Predictive Modeling Off the Ground and Into Orbit” may be referenced at


[email protected]

888-742-2454 (toll free)
281-667-4200 (direct)

The Modeling Agency (TMA) is a highly structured team of senior-level data mining consultants. TMA offers guidance and results for the data-rich, yet information-poor. A thorough description of TMA's background, experience and offerings may be referenced at TMA's web site.

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