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A smarter approach to changing customer demands: EVAM solution

In today’s tough competitive environment, companies have to be more result oriented than ever before. Having acknowledged this fact, Intellica presents EVAM solution as the fundamental key to ensure efficiency and competitiveness in the relationship between customers and companies.


Intellica offers EVAM solution, the Event & Action Manager allows you to abstract and correlate meaningful business information from the events and data flowing through your information systems, and take appropriate actions using scenarios. By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, it can help you to detect and understand unusual activities as well as recognize trends, problems, and opportunities. EVAM helps companies to predict the needs of customers and take faster action as a result.

Intellica, known by the power of its intellectual capital and mastery in high technology in business intelligence and customer relations management, presents EVAM as the next generation event processing solution. Thanks to this solution, companies can now take necessary action when there is an emerging demand. There are many application areas for EVAM including real time offer management, fraud detection, real time alert generation.

EVAM provides realization of contextual and event-driven real-time marketing activities, especially for finance, retailing and telecommunications industries. It broadens marketing departments’ horizon by integrating data warehouses and customer relations management systems of organizations easily.

As a business centric tool with drag and drop type of user interface, EVAM encourages a typical power business user to implement new event driven scenarios with minimum IT support. This gives companies the opportunity to save time in generating new marketing ideas.

Today, there is a paradigm shift happening from business intelligence to operational intelligence. In this shift, EVAM is one of the very few proven and pioneering products in this market. 

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