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AlchemyAPI Helps Social Media Engagement Platforms Target Influential Writers

 In an attempt to navigate what the New York Times calls the "Age of Big Data," companies often turn to social media engagement platforms to analyze thousands of blog posts and articles. Until now, these platforms have only been able to automatically provide results by media source, not by author. However, AlchemyAPI recently developed the first text mining service able to isolate the author of a blog or news post — at a rate of one thousand posts per second.

"These platforms have only been able to provide a high-level view of what a publication or blog says about a company, unless the author is identified manually," said Elliot Turner, founder and CEO of AlchemyAPI. "Author extraction makes it possible to automatically drill down to the individual journalist, so that social media engagement companies can identify influential writers who are more likely to write about their clients' brand."

MediaConnect, creator of the media engagement platform, Influencing, has found that using author extraction gives them more time to focus on expanding their service and moving into larger markets.

"The core mission for our platform is to provide the most insightful and accurate analysis of what influencers and media our clients should be targeting," said Phil Sim, CEO of MediaConnect. "To achieve this, we need to be able to accurately identify who has written what. We've struggled for a long time to find automated methods that have come anywhere near our accuracy targets. We're now using AlchemyAPI's author extraction capabilities to transition away from the manual processes we've been forced to employ."

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