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AnalyticBridge Think Tank: Where Decision Makers Meet Creative Experts

Overview, Getting Started

Our Think Tank is the platform where decision makers meet creative experts to ask business questions. Both decision makers and experts are carefully chosen.

To become a member, you must first join AnalyticBridge, then apply online at no cost. Creative experts are talented, recognized leaders with years of business analytics experience; a few outstanding purely technical people will also be accepted. Decision makers may use the same link to apply. All applications are carefully reviewed and may be declined.

Decision Makers may post questions, or directly contact selected experts. Experts interested in answering a posted (public) question can reply publicly or privately to the author. A public question is one that all members of the Think Tank can see.

Answers should be provided within 7 days. Compensation should be between $100 and $1,000. The minimum is $100.

Possible Questions

  • How do we better monetize our front page? Our newsletter? Example of answer that was provided to a first-tier search engine: add an "advertise with us" link at the bottom of the page so that advertisers know how to get started.
  • How to increase page load while preserving the best user experience, from the point of view of content and navigability?
  • Which methodology should we use to solve this problem, and why? In our context, would a simple naive Bayes classifier work well enough, compared with more complicated and costly solutions?
  • Competitive intelligence: subscribe to our competitor newsletter, call them and ask about their pricing, download their white papers.
  • Which technology / company should we invest in? Can you help us with due diligence?
  • Reverse SEO: we've experienced negative impact on search engines due to disgruntled employees. How can you help us dilute or erase the bad information published on blogs about our company?
  • I have a dataset with 800,000 transactions. Could you analyze this dataset and tell us which transactions are fraudulent or suspicious, and why?
  • Is it better to use R for this project, and why? What alternate solution do you recommend given our budget constraints?
  • Should we consider using Amazon EC? Why? What are the costs and alternatives?
  • For this project, should we hire a data miner with statistical expertise, or a statistician with data mining expertise?
  • Is our price structure good, compared with competitors? Could we improve?
  • Any type of BI questions, or management consulting.
  • What would you do to improve these A/B tests?
  • Which KPI's do you recommend to measure performance? Or user engagement? How do you measure lift?
  • Can you recommend 3 vendors that have good SaaS solutions to improve product taxonomies? Can you provide a comparative analysis?
  • How can we optimize our ad spend by advertising in a large number of respected blogs and social networks? How do I get started? What performance metrics are available?
Once an expert has been selected, the decision maker expects to get an answer within a few days. An initial $100 fee must be paid to the expert. If the decision maker believes that the answer is worth $400, then the remaining must be paid after receiving the answer. Payment can be made directly to the expert, or you can use our payment gateway.

Using our payment gateway

The decision maker and/or expert can choose to use our payment gateway, which supports credit card payments.

  • Advantage for the decision maker: your first $100 (pre-payment) will be re-funded if the answer was not provided or is of no value.
  • Advantage for the expert: you will attract more buyers as we act as an escrow, and your first $100 are guaranteed unless you don't answer in time, or provide sloppy answers.
  • Cost: we charge a 25% commission to experts participating in this program. However the commission is waived for AnalyticBridge Platinum Members.
  • How to get started: if you are a decision maker, you need to provide us with the email address of your selected expert, and make a first $100 payment (purchasing one token) on our e-store. Once the question is answered, you must pay the remaining if the answer is worth more than $100. We only accept $100 increments. The money will be sent to the expert via PayPal, after you have received the answer. If you receive no answer or a sloppy answer, your $100 initial dollars will be refunded, and the expert will be contacted.

Experts or decision makers that generate a few well founded complaints may temporarily or permanently be banned from our Think Tank. Complaints should be reported to Dr. Granville, at [email protected].

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