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Answer questions quickly with data - Sponsored by Tableau

Answer questions as fast as you can think of them with Tableau.

Born at Stanford and raised by a pack of wild PhDs, Tableau has best practices built right in. You get the benefit of years of research on the best way to represent data, from carefully optimized color schemes that tell clear stories, to built-in worldwide mapping, and an elegant design that keeps users focused on what's important. You ask the question, and Tableau will help you see the answer.

"I was able to download Tableau, install it, create something within 30 minutes and my boss was blown away." - Andy Kriebel, Data Visualization Guru, Facebook

Tableau Software enables drag-and-drop analytics that allow you to:

  • Work with databases and spreadsheets of any size
  • Combine multiple data sources in one view
  • Develop in minutes with no programming skills required

Try it free:

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