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Answers to "10 questions about big data and data science" from Japan

10 questions about big data and data science

raised by Dr. Vincent Granville are very interesting I feel. 

I have to say I'm never any leader of big data or data science in Japan -- but I'm afraid nobody will answer. So as a personal opinion, I wrote answers as a blog post.

A1: Only big-companies should do, in-house, with various data experts, in Japan

A2: As huge as no desktop machines can handle directly

A3: Just I required any job on which my data science skills work, after my postdoc career

A4: The difference depends on their origin in each academic field, and any hybrid role would be welcome especially in Japan

A5: A broad range but in entry-level of academic skills in statistics, machine learning and data mining, with much skills in data engineering

A6: This question is nonsense here, because almost no university professors agree it in Japan

A7: Although I'm not sure with considering the situation in Japan, a win-win relationship between labs and companies as labs get funding from companies and companies get intern students as good part-time analysts from labs, will encourage it

A8: Distributed machine learning or multivariate statistics, such as Jubatus or Hivemall by Japanese developers, although they just work on a Hadoop eco-system

A9: In my opinion, it must make sense: but there may be still a lot of problem

A10: 5 choices for both are too many, I think

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