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Apple. Better Design, Deeper Insights

Apple created the most valuable company in history with this philosophy. Each and every Apple product communicates back to the Apple data warehouse about its usage seamlessly, with the customer’s tacit agreement. The oceans of data gathered through the Operating System, Genius, iTunes, and AppStore are then used to craft elegant, useful products like MacBookAir, iPhone, and iPad, which then provide even more extensive insights into how people use them. It’s a virtuous circle between Big Data and Big Design.

 Big Data with purpose

We believe that each industry or endeavor will have an “Apple-like” organization that avoids direct competition, and is focused on re-imagining products and services based on Big Data insights. Dyson, Starbucks, Volkswagen and Method. One after another, industries are being transformed by the concepts of Better Design, Deeper Insights. Governments and non-profit organizations have felt the impact too. Singapore is the first (ART+DATA) government, with virtuous circle between data collected and the urban planning design of the city itself. The Gates Foundation is a shining example of applying a data-driven approach to the design in humanitarian programs.

The Principles

The key attributes of an (ART+DATA) organization:

1. The concept is the output of analyzing 50 cases of successful and unsuccessful companies spanning more than 10 industries over 20 years (1990 – 2010).

  2. (ART+DATA) is not about Information Systems or Technology. It is about defining the insights desired, then determining the best way to collect and extract the data.

  3. (ART+DATA) organizations don’t design products and experiences for aesthetics and appearances. They design for usefulness, effectiveness, and more efficient data management.

  4. (ART+DATA) method is fact-driven, and avoids intuition, even in design.

  5. (ART+DATA) organizations have the leaders of design and data at the highest levels.

The best organizations live for the question, ‘What data do we need to make a better product, a better service, a better experience?’ All Research, Product Development, Technology Infrastructure, Distribution Methods, even Accounting decisions, flow from that question. 


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