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Application of data regression analysis

Test is a way which people use to study the process of causality and the change discipline. Through test, we can get some relating data, the data deduct the change process of things. We can return the data into mathematical model to help us analysis and solve the problems in the test.  

Project Design
During the design, we need many complicated computing, the computing depends on the test data or the charts protracted on the basis of large amount of rest data. Return the data or charts into mathematical model to make the computing process and mathematical model into computer program. Then such complicated computing will get correct result with the pressing of the buttons.

Computing simulation forecast in the project
In the project process, we can return unused data into mathematical model, and in the later project process, forecast the process of the project through the software, so as to get the forecast and predict aim of computers. In the same way, we can simulate computer imitation, edit relating imitation software through setting the mathematical model with the unused data, and use computers to imitate manipulation. 

Optimize the control during the project process
Use the data regression to set mathematical mode, edit computer program, and input computers. And realize the process optimized control. Due to the complexity of the real process, it is not enough to depend on models to control exactly, but it has forecast function, and can make exceeding control. Though the illegible control is exact, it controls through the feedback of result. There is a period of dispatch between complicating from reference point to controlling objective, and this causes the lag of illegible control. The exceeding of model control is not correct, the illegible control is correct but lag. So combine the two parts and find the deficiency of each other to make the process optimized control find a best plan. So with the combination of model control and illegible control, we can get the process direction for computers. In addition, the affected variants are too much. The restriction of the computers makes it hard for some models to be set. The complicated process can be divided into several units. The affected variants of the unit will reduce. To the model of the unit, the unit model setting is both easy and correct, and integrate all the unit models, so as to achieve the computer optimized control aim. 

The produce of apparatus
We can use some ways, such as spectrum and chromatogram, to the test of some character data, and test the relating data of the matter. Conjunct the data and character data to set mathematical model, so it can be used to test the data and mathematical model and compute the relating character data value. Using this way, checking apparatus can be made. 


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