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Article from Michael Li, Head of Analytics and Data Science at LinkedIn

I’m sure everyone who has been following tech industry news knows about “big data” and “AI.” Although there is no industry-consistent definition for either term, most people tend to agree that both have been playing more and more important roles lately, and that we need to know and leverage them better in both our personal and professional lives. But wouldn’t it be interesting if we looked beyond the marketing hype for a moment and talked about the people who are solving real business problems by using these technologies, who they are, which skills they have, and what they actually do? If you think so, continue to read on and we’ll share with you some practical aspects of what’s behind the scenes of data science and analytics at LinkedIn.

With the mission to “Drive understanding and impactful decision making through rigorous use of data,” the Analytics team at LinkedIn has been growing at a fast speed, with no sign of slowing down (currently have 20+ team openings worldwide). We constantly look for top talent to join us in building LinkedIn’s Economic Graph and analyzing it in order to discover insights that create economic opportunities for our members and customers. When looking for new talent to join our team, we typically interview candidates in the following areas.   

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