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Automated news feed optimization: a new opportunity for analytics professionals, with huge growth potential

  • Billions of dollars are poured each year into online advertising programs (display and pay-per-click advertising)
  • Ads are displayed on websites that attract lots of visitors.
  • Web sites attracting visitors do so because they have great content.
  • Producing great content is time consuming and/or very expensive.
  • Almost every publisher wants to automate content production. This can be done, to some extent, via analytical techniques.
  • Displaying the right content to the right user at the right time dramatically increases ad revenue. To achieve this goal of highly targeted and relevant content, you need to use analytical techniques.
At AnalyticBridge, we have achieved the first step of automated content creation. Our news feed system harvests news from keyword-targeted Google news, from selected Twitters and blogs, and also content that we create ourselves. Also, our news feed aggregator was created without writing one single line of code, but instead using various widgets, Twitter Feeds and Feedburner. Our analytics news show up on AnalyticBridge (Check the AnalyticBridge news box), LinkedIn and many other places. They are updated in real time, and drive good traffic to our web site. Coming soon, we will partner with other blogs to share and co-syndicate news, further increasing our reach and the reach of our partners, in a win-win situation.

Bigger companies are hiring analytic professionals to optimize these processes. For publishers and anyone generating online advertising revenue, content is king. Our first experiments have proved that optimizing content and news have a bigger impact than optimizing advertising campaigns, in terms of increasing advertising revenue. The increased revenue comes from two sources:

  • More traffic, more returning users, thus more page views and more conversions.
  • Most importantly, more relevant traffic, higher quality, traffic with higher conversion rate, as we try to produce news and contents that will attract and retain users that also share an interest in our advertiser products and services.
The fact that we are a social network does not play a major role in this dynamic (assuming that spam control has been taken care of very effectively). What is critical is content quality. And also, dynamic content, thus our focus on real time news. With these ingredients, you can turn a social network profitable with growing revenue - we did.

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