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This post makes an attempt to depict the averages spent across the states towards their TV channel expenses for a big size country (USA). Though it has been developed using sample data belonging to a particular service provider; this post depicts its interest in regional differences in average spent on said service across the country. Herein, I would like to bring to your notice that economic importance of some USA states being notably better connected with multiple service providers and due to geographical location and population density, results/insights may be specific to this sample data. All the analysis has been carried out using R Programming Language components (R-3.2.2, RStudio (favorite IDE), ggplot2 for mapping).

Average Amount Spent ($) on TV by States in 2015 (till Nov):

The figure below depicts the map of 48 states of USA (for which the data was available) wherein it shows the average TV expense by state for the year 2015 which was available till end of the November; with five different colors (i.e. five different intervals of average spent). 

As it is evident from below map that for given sample North-East (region) states region has highest averages spent on TV. Next best averages (orange color) are noticed in pacific region and few Central and East states. As mentioned earlier this may be due to economic importance or due to service provider geographical spread which the employed sample data fails to take an in-depth note.

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