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Best and worst metro areas for analytic professionals

Click on the link below to download our spreadsheet with data for 91 metro areas in US. The 4-th column, labeled Unique Index, tells you which cities have the highest proportion of people visiting Analyticbridge. These are monthly statistics.

  • Seattle, Raleigh Durham, Boston, San Francisco, New York are at the top
  • Louisville, Fresno, New Orleans, Lexington are at the bottom

To download the spreadsheet with detailed data, click on abstats.xlsx. An index value above 100 corresponds to a metro area that is better than average (100 = average). For instance, San Francisco index is 150, New Orleans index is 18. In the spreadsheet, you will find the index and additional fields for 91 metros. This spreadsheet clearly shows what we could call the "Analytic Divide": West / East coast cities faring very well, and the South doing poorly.

Source: data based on Analyticbridge traffic statistics, from Quantcast ( The fact that we are located in Seattle could have an influence on Seattle's index.

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Comment by Nathan Och on October 7, 2011 at 9:52am
It seems there are many influences on the top here. Seattle - Vincent's company, Raleigh- SAS, San Fran - Silicon Valley, New York - Wall Street, D.C. - government, and down the line. Even Minneapolis/St. Paul (close to myself) due to the high volume of Fortune 500 companies that most likely leverage analytics. Great stuff!!!

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