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I am working in BI domain as manager for 2 years now and still i think i did not have found the right mix of people.

People think that in a BI team which is more related to technical aspect so hiring people proficient in a particular technology is preferred. My views are little different following is my team composition.

  1. 60% technical experts in domain of work, can deliver any solution given technical details and know how of the project.
  2. 10% the load carrier who work as a person who likes documentation and presentation skill to provide the client an view of result that comes again has to technical with more expertise
  3. 20% communicator in BI solution fails as the communication fails so these people are important as they talk to the client or senior management, understand the requirement. They then talk to technical expert to provide the much needed solution
  4. 10% thinker/Innovators who think as client and give a solution to the communicator so they give ideas to client as in end a happy client is good for business

The combination of all will create a great team that provide a complete BI solution. if i was asked who is important i will say all are equal and holds equal value.

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