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Big Data - The Crown Jewel or a Missed Opportunity for Telcos?

With vast amounts of data about consumer usage, cost effective advertising, churn reduction and effective cross sell seem well suited to be addressed with big data technology in the telco space.    Now that data streams can be captured in real time as data is pushed to communication service providers, this data can be connected to data pulled from other databases to create vivid usage patterns.   When anonymized and profiled correctly, it represents a perfect fit for advertisers, especially with any geospatial attributes available.  According to this article, Telefonica is doing just that.

"Big Data - The Crown Jewel or Another Missed Opportunity for Telcos?"

With enterprise search available through indexed data management, telcos can track pattern changes in real time while displaying results in dashboards. It’s this dynamic data analysis that can lead to more targeted advertising.   Load balancing based on network usage can also be monitored with big data triggers in place to avoid thresholds from reaching certain levels.   In other words, service interruptions can be avoided as part of this process.   Out of home advertising will become more pervasive in 2013 and 2014 as taxis and other forms of transportation begin to dynamically advertise based on geo location. If the advertising is relevant, timely, has the proper incentive and respects privacy, it has the potential to create new forms of revenue for the telco industry as well.

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