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Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field

Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies
Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics 
Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field 

New technologies are transforming the way organizations use data to gain a competitive edge, creating rapid growth and new opportunities in the field of analytics. 

Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program can be the path to a promising new leadership career for professionals in virtually any industry. 

Expertise in all aspects of data intelligence — from data analysis to data mining to predictive modeling and beyond — is more in demand than ever as businesses and other organizations seek to use data science to maximize the value of vast new streams of data. 

Advanced skills. Convenient online courses. Exceptional value in the marketplace. 

The Northwestern University Predictive Analytics program provides a thorough grounding in advanced analytics and practical application — as well as leadership and communication skills — in a completely online format. Enter the marketplace with a Northwestern University master’s degree and you’ll have a broad network of accomplished alumni and faculty behind you. 

Learn more about how you can advance your career by earning your Master of Science in Predictive Analytics degree from Northwestern University. 

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Visit us online by clicking on "Learn More" above, or speak with an admissions adviser at 1-877-664-3347.
Fall 2012 Application Deadline:
July 15, 2012
Thomas Miller, program director
“Business savvy, information technology, and statistical modeling — put the three together and you have the Predictive Analytics program. Develop skills for today’s data-intensive world, enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online education, and benefit from the academic rigor and reputation of Northwestern University.” 

Thomas Miller, 
program director
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