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Business Analyst profile a generic view.

Business Analyst is now what organizations are talking about these days. Do we really understand what business analyst does; in my opinion business may understand Business Analytics however person responsible for it may not understand it in full at any level across all organizational domain. Let me sight few examples across domains to explain it.

1)    Human Resource Team during Business Analyst recruitment

  • Consulting with Customers may be internal or external (e.g., Marketing, Logistics, Customer Service) to develop and analyses actionable insights that accelerate profitable growth. Too Generic can include a world in this line.
  • Consolidating data from multiple sources like sales, customer databases to create integrated views that can be used in decision making. Again same thing said in more details adding Data warehousing concept to it.
  • Working with several large and complex SQL databases. Now this define a key technical skills however a simple Database person can do it.
  • Designing and building reports and analyses in Excel. This is more specific but an MIS person Job

There can be many things a HR can ask in resume but mostly they ask more generic or a tool expert looking at it, a more specialized role be of MIS or Business Intelligence report developer.

2)    Operations Team

  • Person working on Business analytics think he has to create design report or provide insights to business based on data. However most of Business Analytics person forget one small thing insight can be prove by data but it comes from understanding the business.
  • Management team Understand what Business Analyst is all about and its uses as they have hired the person and paying him handsomely to do the job. However they are more focused on insights/report that sometime essence of Business analyst is missed.
  • All Other Teams Think Business Analyst as an extension of MIS team sending those reports and some other data point to check.

3)    For others they are overhead and cost which exist due to management needs.

According to me Business analyst is much of a standard term, should be portrayed by Organizations as consultant on their pay roles that study there business and then provide insights supported by data to enable management take a well-informed decision.

In my opinion different domain should also evolve to understand the importance of business analytics and utilization process. Every domain in itself is a Business; an analyst can play an important role in most of the business aspect.


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Comment by Vishal Sharma on May 23, 2014 at 8:07am

Thanks Deanna, Can you be specific as I can be wrong in number of dimentions. If required will surely edit the post

Comment by Deanna Foster on May 22, 2014 at 4:58pm

This post needs some serious proofing/editing.

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