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Business analytics: a few great resources from Deloitte

Key Analytics Principles & Initiatives
Video Series: Key Analytics Principles & Initiatives
Jane Griffin, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, speaks at the 2010 Deloitte Analytics Symposium.
Real Analytics
Join this thriving community on LinkedIn to tap the cutting-edge thinking of industry professionals and academic leaders.
Social Analytics
Social Analytics: Tapping Prediction Markets for Foresight
In the coming year, chief financial officers can expect to hear a lot more regarding the value of analytics.
Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Auditing
Get Inside Your Data: Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Auditing
Most executives are aware of continuous controls monitoring and continuous auditing, but their potential is often not fully realized.
Bankruptcy & the Data Deluge
Bankruptcy & the Data Deluge
Explore five critical data-related questions attorneys typically face in a bankruptcy proceeding,
Cyber Forensics
Dbriefs Webcast: Cyber Forensics
How can time-tested finance and data forensics techniques improve the protection of your business operations?
Signal Strength
Signal Strength
The rise of asset intelligence: moving business analytics from reactive to predictive – and beyond.
Depth Perception: Information Automation
Depth Perception: Information Automation
Do you have depth perception? Get our take on one of 12 technology trends shaping business and information technology (IT) today.
Business Analytics: Just Another Passing Fad?
Business Analytics: Just Another Passing Fad?
Suddenly, business analytics is the hot new thing. Does that mean it’s worth paying attention to?
Supply Chain Analytics: How Hard Should You Squeeze?
New tools and disciplines now make it possible to drill deeper into supply chain data in search of savings. Is more analysis better?

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