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It’s been quite a while since business intelligence was the sole province of high-level strategic planners and C-level executives. Today, BI tools and analytics insights are being used by increasing numbers of people to answer immediate tactical questions and identify optimal courses of action. This trend has been enabled and accelerated by the consumerization of IT and the “democratization” of tech knowledge. As the millennial generation joins the workforce, they will expect to have access to the data, intelligence and insights necessary to do their jobs. Retailers will need to adjust, and in some cases rethink, their BI and analytics solutions in order to address the real-world operational needs of a rapidly expanding group of decision-makers. This Roadmap provides seven steps toward achieving actionable insights throughout the retail enterprise.

Table of contents:

  • Milestone #1: Use Technology that Enables Self-Service BI
  • Milestone #2: Make BI User Interfaces More User-Friendly
  • Milestone #3: Establish a Library of Predefined KPIs and Metrics
  • Milestone #4: Adapt Your Analytics to Today’s More Fragmented Customer Groups
  • Article: Moving Toward ‘Self-Service’ Analytics for All
  • Milestone #5: Integrate Collaborative and Social Tools with BI
  • Article: BI Solutions Add Operational Execution to Decision Support
  • Milestone #6: Extend Analytics’ Reach with Mobile Delivery Systems
  • Milestone #7: Align Analytics Insights with Response Capabilities
  • Article: Use Financial Analytics to Spot Profits in Multi-Channel Business

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Comment by Ed Navas on April 9, 2012 at 12:37pm

Vincent, great article, thanks for sharing!

As silly as it sound, on the Milestone 3 I wish it would point out that KPI's should be relevant and thought through.

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