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Can Google+ rule the Social Media Kingdom?

Speculations have begun. Discussions and debates have started to occur; Google+ has set its first step in the Social Media world.
The yet to be launched application is just starting to open its cards. The trial version of the application is out, but it is not enough to prove its dominance over peer social networking sites, particularly on Facebook. Despite all the past Google attempts to bring up a strong Social Media product, Facebook continues to enjoy the omnipotent spot.
Its efforts have not reaped any fruits. The world has seen it. First it was Orkut, then Google Buzz….both seemed exciting, stayed in trend for some time, and then faded away. Slowly and gradually, people started migrating from Orkut to other social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. That’s when Google again failed to stabilize its Social Networking Services.

Now, the world is all set to witness the Clash of the Titans, i.e. Google+ vs. Facebook. People anticipate it to be an interesting war, only if Google has learnt anything from its past mistakes.
Those in favor of Facebook are still showing signs of optimism. They say - “Facebook is ready to tackle any kind of attack, be it anything.  Google+ is no threat to its social media reign.”

But, a competitor should never be taken lightly and Facebook is well aware of that.  Especially, when it’s Google, you can not afford to ease your arms up. Now, here is what Google has in reply to Facebook’s claim:
  • The search engine ‘Google’ itself says the story. On top of it, Google has its own global search market.
  • Almost 25% of the browser market is in Google’s possession.
  • Web surfers and webmasters rely on Google for top-notch tools and resources.
  • The most crucial component of Google is its own online video.
  • The volume of Gmail users and integration of toolbar may give Google a kick start.
  • The most valuable thing about Google is its world-class group of computer programmers and behavioral scientists. These are guided by top marketing professionals in the entire world.
  • Last but not the least; Google has learnt an important lesson from its past shortcomings. They are vary of their mistakes and have vowed not to repeat any of those in their future operations.

With all these things in consideration, Google pose a possible threat to Facebook’s prolonged juggernaut. However, it would to be too early to quote the result of this clash SMO Company. Just watch out!!

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