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Changes required to Database Maangement as we know it.

Since the day computers were created system started creating data in form of BIT and BYTES. In a short span of time this data becomes so huge making it necessary to have a system that can store and use it. The solution that came into existence was Database Management System. Journey started from Simple Text file to RDBMS to ORDBMS. Now time has progressed and RDBMS or if we say ORDBMS are no longer capable to store and manage the data alone because of their basic requirement that there exists some kind of structure or relationship in the data. However in todays world more and more unstructured data is being created for which these system are not fully competent to handle. Huge amount of data transformation is required to utilize unstructured data in these systems, few examples
1) Millions And billions of data bytes being generated by social networking site in form of comments, likes etc.
2) Video that are being buffered and save on internet is again an open source
3) Data on different forums

Data is becoming more and more unstructured hence the need is evolve for storing unstructured data to give accurate and right result in quick time. This evolution leads to the creation of concept of No SQL DB like Mongo DB, Oracle No SQL DB.

In today's world approx. few 100 maybe 1000 Gigabyte of data is produced every minute. How to store this data is a key challenge moreover the bigger challenge is how to utilize it. Some ways in which the data is currently utilized are
1) Creating People profiling for Marketing
2) Creating new product
3) Generating targeted advertisement based on person preference of site he/she visited.

Concepts like BIG Data are being evolved to helping understand data potential. The big question still remains on how to store and retrieve data with ease and efficiently. This question leads to creation and used of an advance Data Base solution for storing and utilizing unstructured data, NO SQL Databases are examples of it. Mongo DB is one such database which is just at the beginning of the evolution that will help to store unstructured data and its retrieval.

There will be a need that will arise in near future where a more complex and artificial intelligence based Database Management system sometimes called intelligent database system be required. These system will be able to automatically relate and store the data in the structure and design In which it can be utilized Storing structured data in structure form and unstructured in unstructured, providing a capability for Database Management System to convert  data to Information and information to Knowledge; simply a complete Business Intelligence solution. Companies like IBM or Oracle are already trying to do so with their product like (DB2 and Cognos) or (ORACLE & OBIEE/Hyperion).

Currently 2 different products one Database and One Business Intelligence based solution is used to provide the result set. It will be no longer in future there will be need for a system that will be required to provide an end to end Data solution. If we think more clearly Data, Database, Database Management, Business Intelligence now become inevitable part of today's business environment; making each other coexist with each other.

I will like to say Database has grown to a good potential however it's just an iceberg tip which need to be explored more.

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Comment by Muhammad Saeed on May 9, 2014 at 8:23am

Great article Vishal,I thing database performance management tools should also be provided with database.  

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