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“Dear Facebook, it was great having you around for so long. You survived and ruled the social networking arena for ages. People just loved the way you managed the entire application with all those fun games, groups, and up gradations, not to mention the famous ‘Like’ button.
But sadly, it’s time for you to Bite the Dust! You rival is just beginning to reveal itself. Its rampaging already; and yes, don’t get shocked when your users turn their back and start a new journey with the all new Google social networking application,  Google+!”

Well, that’s what a well-established brand, Google claims about its new mysterious application, Google+. Again, it’s a social networking website that is going to serve the same purpose that other networking sites do; but this time with a hint of new features and design. It is created to compete against Facebook, particularly and may have an impact on Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, which is considered to be Facebook’s USP (Unique Selling Protocol).

At present, Google has launched its trial version (not fully furnished), which is open for trial, provided you have an invitation to join the tool.

Created with the intent of surpassing Facebook, the new application is being seen as a great Social Media Marketing tool. Internet Marketing professionals are all geared to make the most of this application. That’s because now they would have another one more place to explore and target the potential consumers. Google expects it to be a revolutionary change for the Social Marketing professionals. However, critics say, it would be too early to judge its impact on the online users; despite the attention Google+ is getting from the world.

As of now, the feature appears only in search results. However, it may accompany other Google products in the near future. Great momentum is anticipated from social networks like Flicker, Twitter, and MySpace, but is still not clear whether Facebook contacts could be integrated in the Google+ circles or not…

But no matter what, the war against Facebook is definitely on and soaring, as the Google Representative, Jim Prosser made it crystal clear in an interview. Let’s see what this turns out to be at the end.
But, one thing is clear; Google+1 will prove to be another bright star in the galaxy of social network. Moreover, it is expected to add glory to the world of Social Media Marketing.
So, get ready; it’s a great opportunity to mark your presence at Google+.

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