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Cognitive analytics: introduction to foundations lecture (Erasmus RSM)

SUMMARY OF THE LECTURE (available via YouTube link below)

With a number of recent Hollywood films representing intelligent machines as either hero or villain, the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has attracted the imagination of the media and popular culture. On the practical engineering side, over the past decade humanity’s age-old dream of developing intelligent machines has experienced rapid development.  The prospect of expert systems being increasingly able to outperform humans in a growing set of disciplines has led to deep soul-searching concerning the evolving future of labor.  Meanwhile, cognitive computing platforms such as IBM’s Watson are demonstrating a powerful ability to support and guide humans in complex activities as diverse as oncology diagnostics, investment management, biomedical research, and even the introduction of novel culinary recipes as Chef Watson.

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As a guest lecturer at the Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) in the Netherlands, Scott Mongeau, Analytics Manager at Deloitte Netherlands, presents to Master of Business Information Management (BIM) students on the topic of cognitive analytics.  Supporting a course on ‘Big Data and Business Analytics’, this presentation examines and demonstrates several core technologies supporting cognitive computing, including machine learning, text mining, and  data analytics.  Both broad and deep, the presentation moves quickly from the historical and hypothetical of AI to the hands-on aspects of advanced data analytics solutions.  The result is a unified introduction to cognitive analytics as a hybrid of several disparate disciplines, methods, and practical technologies.

After laying a broad conceptual foundation, this presentation examines the core components underlying cognitive analytics and offers hands-on demonstrations of supporting tools in action, including R, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Text Miner, and Watson Explorer.  The underlying methods and technologies examined include artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, text mining, and semantic analytics.  This presentation will be of interest both to business leaders and students alike who are seeking a solid introduction to the emerging topic of cognitive analytics.

In addition to Deloitte Netherlands, I would like to thank Dr. A. G. de Carvalho and Dr. J. van Dalen of the Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)  in the Netherlands and the students of the RSM Master of Business Information Management (BIM) program for their kind invitation to present and for their support in making this lecture possible. 

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