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Thinking that the Dept. of Commerce had cleared the way (provided a definition with a metric), i proceeded to sink into the 'abyss'.

Amazed to find that on the Globe, the term City, Town or Village my be used interchangably; The clearly define SMSA has no carry over effect.

The best example in the US in in the Western states where a group of inhabitants of 1,000 or more is defined as a City, legally. It comes as quite a surprise that the authority to define City, Town, Village (Hamlet) differs. There exists hope in the US Consitution for a ''tad' of consistancy. The authority is the 10th Amendment of the US Consitution.

And, yes, I did attempt to compare and found that a population of roughly between 12.0K and 13.0K qualifies to called a City. I prefer Grapes !!

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