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Could a drop in monthly new users or page views count be good news?

Most SEM / SEO experts consider a drop in new members or page-views as bad news. Partly because it means decreased advertising revenue.

The reality could be different:
  • If web site navigation is optimized, users will have a better experience. The drop in page-views is actually good news, as users get to the right page much faster.
  • If fewer members are signing up, maybe it means that you've done a great job getting rid of spammers. Experiencing a temporary sign-up decline could then be good news.
  • Once you've cleaned your web traffic (your page views or users count are lower, but of better quality), you could experience a spike in eCPM that could more than offset your initial loss.

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Comment by Domenico "Dominic" Tassone on December 5, 2010 at 6:30pm
This is great...the general messgae is quality not quantity.

Point one reminds us of the duality of engagement measures, i.e. are time spent and PVs/visit dropping because users are more familiar with the site nav or are they getting bored? Could be the mix of traffic sources changing, too.

Another scenario is cleaning up robotic or other undesirable, traffic activity.


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