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In developing Qlik sense application we some time faced a task to create cyclic drill in Qlik Sense, and yes its not a feature of Qlik sense Charts available currently.

I searched the community and found solutions, thanks you all for the same. However No single post was there to describe it Hence this blog.


Now below are the some ways to achieve Cyclic Group


First lets set up the basic setting which will be done for all solution mention here


Dummy Table Structure

















Now I want to create a cyclic drill containing

  1. Department
  2. Region
  3. Country


Load The Data and create an Inline Load for dimension to be loaded like below



load * inline


Name, Name_Label

Department, Department Name

Region, Region Name

Country, Country Name



Once Data is load is complete there are two ways to show cyclic drill selection in

  • Filter (simple Filter Available in Sense Application) - Its good but it will not give you the default Value and will go for multiple selection. However this will work in case client does not mind Selecting and Seeing all drill on first load.
  • Use an Extension available in Qlik Branch, in example attached have used List By kumarnatarajan

Many more are available use which ever fits your criteria


Now We have drill selection ready now to link chart to the Drill.

There are 2 ways for that

1)  Use if condition

2) Use Pick Match

Not Explained above 2 as these are straight forward however if data volume is huge seen them creating Lag in the chart Refresh, Also seen Random filter selection.


So the below mention approach

3) Use Only function Capabilities (Example)

in Dimension Create dimension looking like

$(=if(GetSelectedCount(Name_Label) = 0 , 'Country',only(Name)))

Now Create the Measure as required. finishing it will give cyclic group as required


Hope this help.


Please feel free to improve and add your comments.


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