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Dashboard Confessions: Poor Data Practices Cost Jobs, Especially In Call Centers. Don't let it happen to Mobile.

Can optimization save Mobile and Call Center Marketing campaigns? You bet.

Call center staffs expand and contract with call center performance and mobile campaigns have to up their game to deal with the reality of mobile infrastructure and changes in carrier dispositions. Cheap is not free. Irrelevant targeting and messaging come at a cost of alienating customers who feel that brands are out of touch. The solution is analytics, but you probably knew that already.

Practical Introduction

There are hurdles for mobile digital advertisers and outbound call centers, who need to evolve and become smart players in the mobile market. Among mobile providers, there is an industry trend among major carriers to no longer offer unlimited data [1]. This comes in the form of eliminating unlimited data plans for new customers altogether and throttling data usage for existing customers.

It’s no secret that advertising consumes bandwidth and as cost conscious consumers become aware of this, effective streaming video strategies that can even be as effective as television [2] may be at risk. Additionally, we may see voice plans eliminated as carriers move to data and bandwidth only models where voice is treated as data.

There needs to be a smarter and more concise solution, given that mobile traffic has more than doubled for four years in a row for period ending 2011 [3] and that wireless networks are rapidly approaching capacity [4]

Traditional call campaigns are at risk as well. They carry heavy regulatory burdens [5] and require call center solutions that make them very expensive to comply with regulations while at the same time reducing cost. The call center solution market has grown soft. [6]. Experienced practitioners know that investments to reduce cost don’t often pan out for ROI in the long term, which includes haphazard staffing reductions instead of investments in optimization.


The Analytics Problem

Many companies use their friendly neighborhood finance department to manage their cost and end up turning to the same department for optimization recommendations.  After all, the business school graduate carries a level of trust that forces some to assume that those who are revered for their reporting skills must be reasonable candidates for high end optimization right out of the box.

This is problematic from a social standpoint since call center staff are often hired and fired as casually as changing channels between commercials during reruns of Jersey Shore.  

One of the many problems with deductive reasoning errors among non data practicioners can be simply illustrated in an enterprise call center reporting solution that was actually implemented:

Struggling Publicly Traded Firm Graph 1:




If the problem doesn’t pop out, then let’s use a similar example:

Sarcastic Graph 1 (Nobody is bitter by the way.)



Here is a better solution, so my complaining doesn’t seem like I am venting (yes, it is quite elegant according to my therapist):

Elegant Graph 1


So, rather than comparing cats to a pool of cats and dogs, we let them enter the room randomly. When we weigh all the animals we would expect no difference between the weights of the animals that entered the room and those who didn’t unless those who entered the room ate the mountains of treats they were offered.

The Analytics Solution

While I am not a proponent of SkyNet, this solution, among countless others, can be automated for digital mobile media, call campaigns, and for mobile campaigns by experienced data practitioners. The ROI for high performing channels will approach diminishing returns. At a certain cutoff point along the curve, the lower ROI channels will give higher marginal returns.

There is a massive market opportunity to lay the groundwork for algorithm and machine learning. So get out there. Test, learn, and optimize to increase targeting efficiency and presentation efficiency [7].

So pick up your mobile phone (or if you are in the UK and it is an emergency, just kick Dr. Who out of that little box I always see him going in to) and ring up your friendly neighborhood data scientist. She will thank you for taking the time to consider the risks of not making the phone call before her machines take over for your competitors, and for considering the welfare of your mobile marketing and call center staff. They rely on you to make sound dashboard decisions because it impacts their livelihood.












[7] Lined Blog Post On Analytic Bridge:


Meme (Flanigan):

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