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Data Democracy Encourages Social BI and Creates Citizen Data Scientists

Democracy is a great thing! The more involved people are, the more they understand, the better decisions they can make for themselves and for everyone else AND they can make a better contribution as well. Data Democratization works the same way. In years past, businesses thought that only senior management needed to understand the strategy and direction of the company but employees and team members lacked the knowledge to make the right decisions and become a great asset to the organization.

Today, business intelligence and BI tools are designed to recognize the need for data democratization with mobile tools and user access and controls that allow for appropriate administration and security and enable business users to leverage sophisticated tools and share data. You may have heard of the concept of Citizen Data Scientists! With BI tools that enable Data Democracy, your business users can become Citizen Data Scientists – developing their own reports and formats and using data integrated from systems across the enterprise to obtain information that is meaningful to their job and role within the business.

Data Democracy can also enable the evolution of  Social Business Intelligence within your organization, by creating repositories and data sharing and encouraging the creative use of data to gather, analyze and share business intelligence. This collaboration and sharing will result in the rise of data popularity, thereby allowing the organization to understand how, and when, users need and use data and to better serve the needs of their users in ways that will help everyone – across the enterprise – to achieve business results.

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