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I have heard from my friend that data mining is a new topic and is much more popular. He also told me that data mining recognize patterns in large data but he did not told me that is it sstatistical in nature. As far as my thoights are concerned i tink wherever is data there is Statistics involved.
Could you tell me xactly what the data mining is? How it is used in Statistics? Which Statistical Book clearly explain its use in Statistics? How could i proceed to learn it?
Yours help will definitely appreciated.

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Comment by Ralph Winters on October 16, 2010 at 8:35am
There are some parts of Data Mining which are not especially statistical in nature. The whole area of visualization and exploration allows analysts to discover sift through combinations of data which may lead to further research. Like the term BI, the definition of Data Mining depends upon who you ask.

-Ralph Winters

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