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Great list created by Sandro. Here are the top 6 (by alphabetical order). The full list contains several dozens of interesting data mining blogs, see Time permitting, I will also produce a list of most visited analytics websites, with popularity trends.


  • Abbott Analytics: both industry and research oriented posts covering any topic related to data mining (Will Dwinnell and Dean Abbott)
  • A Blog by Tim Manns: as defined in it’s subtitle, this blog deals with “data mining, analysing terabyte data warehouses, using SPSS Clementine, telecommunications, and other stuff” (Tim Manns).
  • AI, Data mining, Machine learning and other things (Markus Breitenbach): Markus writes about machine learning with a focus on statistics, security and AI.
  • [email protected]: A blog on analytics applications, statistics and data mining (Anuradha Sharma).
  • Blog by bruno: This blog covers a very large number of topics including web data analysis and data visualization. Bruno also has an interesting list of data exploration tools (Bruno).
  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining & Machine Learning: This blog covers data mining and related topics from a research point of view. Several conferences and workshops are announced on this blog (JoSeK).

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Comment by Venkatesh Umaashankar on September 8, 2011 at 12:39am

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