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Data Mining Survey - Most Popular Tools Used To Solve Business Analytics Problems

510 of Analytic Bridge visitors have participated in a data mining tool survey, where the respondents were asked to make selection from a list of popular data mining tools to indicate which ones they used in the past 12 months for a "real" project.

Each respondent could fill out the form only once, but the form allowed multiple products to be selected. Not surprisingly, given this format, Microsoft Excel received the highest number of votes (39%), since it appears to be a very flexible supplementary tool that offers handy options not offered by designated data mining packages. Also the recent version of Excel can handle larger data file no longer limited to 256 columns.

Among the tools that offer designated data mining techniques, STATISTICA (by StatSoft) was selected by 26.5% of respondents, followed by R (the open source analytic language) by 25.7% of the respondent, SAS Enterprise Miner (15.7%), "Other Open Source" (8.2%), MatLab (5.9%), and Rapid Miner (4.7%). The "Other (your own code, Weka, Zementis, Oracle, SPSS, etc.)" category, received 34.1%.

Looking at the geographical distribution of the respondents (as derived from the IP addresses) has revealed that Analytic Bridge visitors and users of sophisticated data mining tools are no longer concentrated mainly in the United States and Europe, but are widely distributed across all continents.

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