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Congratulation for your departure. In the current turmoil, we seldom have employee leaving the firm voluntarily. When I start the handover process to look into your work, I feel so resentful that I did not coach properly in your analytic job. These are something that I should have taught you properly:

1. Business drives technical and technological development

I know you always tell me it's impossible to do this and that. I am always taken as not understanding of your situation. In fact I have gone through all of the pain you have been through. What is the limit of technology? It is as much as how much cost you are paying and how capable you can find out the workaround. Logically, if the work has a logic behind it, it can be implemented using computer program expressed in logic. If not, try to find out the logic. If the people is illogical, try to present their logic to them. Most of the time, your stress comes from the mind set: business needs drives the forefront of development, it helps you grow in line of the changing business environment. And very often, you find yourself alone with current system not meeting your need. That is exactly the fun part of our work.

2. Change is the only unchangable rule, prepare for it

When you are at the forefront of business development, the business leaders are often as smart as anyone. It means that they often walking forward in near blind, except that they are more experienced and better in solving problem. Therefore please forgive them for keep changing their requirement and still keep on changing even when they cannot afford to change anymore. Their real deadline of change is their boss' deadlines. Before that, keep changing. But what makes you special among the other professionals? Flexibility counts. It is often derived from your technical strength if you can factor in all sort of possible changes on your design, your flexibility Improves with greater technical an business knowledge.

3. Delivery follows promise

Regardless of your workload, at the end of the day, banking business is all about trust: you trust your client repays you, your client trusts you deliver. What makes analytics constructive is the actions follow your insight. If you expect the same from the management, do the same for them. Then one day you will become him/her. Your name is a brand, manage it, not to ruin it. Very often, people fail their promise 1% of the time, only at the time your client needs it. Deliver it. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Make your every work transferable to others
To move up the hierarchy, you want either expand your team with more peers or have more people following you. In both cases, you need to prepare as if your work can be preformed by anyone from tomorrow on. This make sure your works expandable and scalable. In turn, this frees up yourself for more improvement at the forefront.

5. Vendor independent

In every company I work, they often have different preferred vendors for the analytic platform. Do prepare for any software. To me, no vendor is so unique that would make or break your work. Your flexibility and learning ability is more valuable. Either you spend time going through the purchase cycle for years or you pick the tool that is readily available and deliver. Prove yourself with any vendor's tool. Your mind counts, not the software.

I am sorry that I did not have enough skills to influence you. It's my fault as your manager.

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