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Detailed Audience Demographics now Available on Google Analytics

Knowing your audience is the first step to customized, targeted marketing. When it comes to getting to know the audience, web analytics are very helpful for marketers. There is a wealth of information about the user’s behavior on your website that you can access. Using this information you can create more powerful landing pages, and you can identify and eliminate common exits points. However, one of the most important data regarding the users: their age, their sex, their interests, etc. are not visible to webmasters in their Google Analytics reports.


Needless to say, this blunts the value of the information. But, during its opening keynote for 2013 summit, Google made a number of interesting announcements regarding new features and facilities in GA. One of the most exciting announcement, from the viewpoint of marketers, is regarding demographic information. Now, it is possible for you to segment the visitors to your site on the basis of their age, gender, location, interests, etc. Known as Audience Reporting, this feature will harness the power of DoubleClick to help you get the demographic data. The information for Audience Reporting include data from DoubleClick cookies. So, the data will not be comprehensive, but will still be pretty useful.


Elaborating on the idea of Audience Reporting, the Google Analytics team says, “One of the biggest challenges for online marketers is the lack of information about the people visiting their properties and buying their products. Unlike in physical stores where a manager can tell a lot about the sorts of people coming and going -- What age are they? What’s their gender? What are they interested in? -- online merchandisers and marketers are often flying blind. Audience Reporting solves this problem by providing age, gender, and interest categories as dimensions in Google Analytics. Find out who your site visitors are and gain a better understanding of who your most valuable (highest converting) audiences are so you can effectively reach your best prospects on the Google Display Network. Taking into account demographics and interests, you can efficiently target, bid, and optimize your creative to improve your campaign’s performance.”


While the feature has been announced, it is not automatically available yet. But if you support display advertisement, you need to make just a small change in the code to benefit from this feature.


Have you started using this feature? Has it proved to be helpful? Please share your experiences and insights in the comments section!


Author Bio: Rajveer Singh Rathore works with SEO First Page, a leading online marketing services provider in India. If you are looking for ethical and effective search engine optimization service in India, SEO First Page is a great option. Rajveer Singh Rathore is passionate about the latest online marketing trends, and he loves to share his ideas and opinions by blogging. You can connect with Rajveer Singh Rathore on Twitter and Facebook.

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