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Companies around the world are literally drowning in data. A typical airline or retailer, for example, is collecting data from many operational systems and storing terabytes, if not petabytes, of data. But how closely do CMO’s and CIO’s actually work or are they often at cross purposes! In India and I am sure in other furiously growing markets as well, IT is so busy building the basic infrastructure to manage the business that they often ignore the strategic priorities that Marketing is trying to drive!

Paul Barsch writes about how the chasm between Marketing & IT can be bridged in this interesting article “Preparing for the Future: How the CIO and CMO Must Collaborate to Win”

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Comment by Chandrasekhara S. Ganti on October 7, 2009 at 8:28pm
Well, that is the fundamentals of Data Analysis. Simple relationships, presentaions -- the so called EDA ala Tukey style is still worth its weight in Gold. A well known sarcastic comment from Models "Use Them " - "Don't believe in them " . I would not start any other way even if it ends up to be a Multivariate Multiple Regression or any other complex Model....
Comment by Gene Leynes on September 29, 2009 at 9:43pm
Data, data everywhere, but not a bit of information...

So much complex analysis has been done by being creative. Humans have sent people to the moon with less calculation power than an iPhone, right? I personally think that the some of the most powerful analysis possible is simply organizing information, viewing it, and then just thinking about it (without any modeling / analysis).

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